August 22nd

Morning! I’m so sorry that I was out last week, unfortunately, I will probably be out another day this week as well. I will keep you up to date with expectations here.


You should have:

Finished analyzing 10 online newspapers

Your meet a classmate interview

News Article Analysis Sheet #1


Today you will receive your first Monday assignment. The only thing that you can’t do yet, is the InDesign portion. I will explain this later.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Staff!

For now, we will use this site as a way to keep up with what is due in the class. In the future, if we would like to see an online CHS newspaper, we will change the site usage.

For today:

  1. If you weren’t here yesterday, see me for the assignment you missed.
  2. We need to all check to see if we have access to the newspaper drive. Go to the Windows icon. Click File Explorer. Click This PC. Select the Shared Drive. Select CHS and then Newspaper.
  3. You will need to create a folder with your name on it under the Mass Media Class folder.
  4. Find Microsoft Word. Type your name, the date, your email address, and whether or not you have internet or a computer at home. Save document as “My info” and save it in the folder you just named for yourself. 

The SWORD is back!

We are thrilled to announce that the newspaper class will be offered 2nd semester. The class is currently accepting students who are interested and can fit it in to their schedule for 1st period. Please see Mrs. Booth or your guidance counselor if interested. We hope to have the first issue out by the start of February!